Emerald Pointe

Emerald Pointe, a small and beautiful town located in Washington state, is a wonderful place to visit or to live. The city is located on the southern tip of the Puget Sound, close to Mount Rainier, and those who love the great outdoors will not be disappointed. Emerald Pointe is home to five majestic freshwater lakes, hiking trails for the beginner and for the most advanced, biking paths, championship golf greens, public parks, and, of course, the Nisqually National Wildlife refuse. The area is known for being robust and outdoorsy. It also has a reputable school system, a low incidence of crime, many jobs, and, quite surprisingly, a thriving nightlife in the downtown area.

Those who are considering a move to Emerald Pointe will be happy to know that there are many apartments available for rent as well as homes just waiting to be purchased. The beautiful Emerald Pointe apartments almost always have vacancies and are a wonderful place for new residents to familiarize themselves with the city and meet a lot of friendly, smiling faces. The complex offers one, two, and three bedroom apartments and a lot of great amenities Residents enjoy a heated spa and pool, a gym, a tanning salon, and close proximity to shopping and nightlife opportunities. Of course, this isn’t the only complex in the town. There are lots of wonderful apartments for rent that can suit any new resident’s needs and budgets.

For those who are more interested in permanent housing and who would like to buy a home of their own, the real estate market is strong throughout the city. It’s easy to find a house in any area of town or, more commonly, in any particular school district. Since many of the city’s schools are known for being the best anywhere, families with children often pick their housing based on this factor alone. Luckily, there’s enough housing to go around, so there’s never any need to vie tooth and nail for the desired home.